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The company has its own unique existence in providing services around data visualization. With more than a decade of IT experience, MADTINers are capable to let the "data talk the story" through data engineering and visualizations.

We are skilled in diverse technologies ranging from data extraction, data transformation and at last its presentation using advanced BI analytical tools.

Why Madtin?

MADTIN is on the path of becoming an undisputed leader in providing data analytics solutions. This is because MADTIN believes in solving business needs by providing unparalleled quality of services. We achieve this by providing fast and exceptional services to our clients at a competitive price. We always take ownership of the project which you can see in the way we understand every single detail of the client’s requirements and exhibit resilience to not settle for anything less than the best possible solution for them.

In addition to that, our clients get assurance of integrity of their data and resources and keeping all the communication regarding the projects as confidential. We have a team of highly capable professionals with a diversified range of skill set and backgrounds that help us to achieve our aim of providing exceptional quality of services.

Services Offered

For your very specific industry, we have highly-tailored solutions.


The major work of Tableau software is to connect and extract the data stored in various places. It can pull data from any platform. Tableau can extract data from any database, be it Excel, PDF, Oracle, or even Amazon Web Services.

Power BI

Power BI works by connecting data sources and providing a dashboard of business intelligence to the users. It can connect with just an Excel spreadsheet or bring together cloud-based and on-premises data warehouses.

IBM Cognos

IT allows the creation of intelligent interactive dashboards to informed business decisions. Its system is ML & AI-enabled, which automates data creation & analysis & enables users to get relevant answers to their questions.

SAP Business Objects

It is defined as a collection of methods or events for an entity in business process. Few common Business Objects in SAP include: Customer, Material, and Vendor. all services are provided in the form of executable methods.

Google Looker

Looker is an enterprise platform for business intelligence, data applications, and embedded analytics. Looker helps you explore, share, and visualize your company's data so that you can make better business decisions.

IT Development

Software development refers to a set of computer science activities dedicated to the process of creating, designing, deploying and supporting software. It can refer to a specialist in one area of computers who writes CP.

Services Offered

For your very specific industry, we have highly-tailored solutions.


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